What is the BodyPlan difference?

BodyPlan uses science to customise a plan
for your health and wellbeing.
Bodyplan is for everybody. Whether for weight loss, rehabilitation or for health and fitness. Our programs are tailored to your goals and your body. Our scientific approach is team based and is relevant for an everyday person through to an elite athlete. What we do best, we make the science of health accessible and understanding for everybody.

DEXA Body Composition is the gold standard. We have seen so much in Body Composition and can show you the difference between scientific/accountable testing and the rest.

Our educative approach can help you make this change for life.

Scan & Testing

Our scans and tests inform you about your general fitness, body composition, metabolism and heart rate zones.


Nutrition, sports dietetics and dietary management are all about how you fuel your body.


Targeted training plan with Exercise Scientists/Physiologists at home, in the gym or in the office.


Working through recovery in a safe and positive way.

We work with
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