Our Story

I meet people every day who continue to struggle with their bodies and their health. They think the next fad diet or their old approaches will change things. They are convinced they can work it out for themselves. It is like going travelling without ever looking at a map. Yes, I was one of those people too.

The older I got the more I found myself trying different ways to manage my body. Then I had a child who didn’t think food should come without sugar and it wasn’t worth eating if it wasn’t pizza or ice-cream. Everything to do with food became challenging and it was a conflict zone, filled with arguments and tears. I no longer enjoyed anything to do with food preparation but I still wanted to be healthy.

My husband was also starting to struggle and I noticed bad habits creeping into our life. We considered ourselves good eaters and we exercised regularly – I even trained for and completed a half marathon, or two. I thought I knew the basics, eat well and keep exercising. But, I was regularly struggling with low energy levels and injuries. In 2012 we visited America and had seen what the future could hold for the health and wellbeing of Australians should our current trends continue. How could we, as a family, move in a direction that promoted long term health and vitality?

People do truly struggle with their bodies, their energy and unfortunately by extension their health. If adults are struggling with their bodies, how do we ensure that the next generation, our children, can enjoy a life of energy, health and vitality?

It took some new technology and getting together with a very talented Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist to discover that we can turn this around. With some short term retraining the results could be re-paid daily with health and vitality for my family.

BodyPlan was created to find ways to re-educate Australians, young and “a little bit older than young”, about their bodies. It is like “Body 101 – How to Make it Work For You”. We believe if we can help you understand that “it’s what’s inside that counts”. You can know your body and be your very best, for life!

The BodyPlan team also work within the area of sports and performance and we are confident we know how to get you to the next level.

Put simply…..

  • We need to stop seeing ourselves as the experts of our body.

  • We can begin to make these changes in as little as 12 weeks.

  • We eat every day. Changing your habits today changes them for a lifetime.

  • Don’t waste another minute. We can’t wait to help you.

Healthy Regards,

Dr Sharon Bryant  (PhD)

Business Owner, Wife and Mum

BBus (Mgt), MBA (Prof), PhD