So many of our clients start with us and tell us they are really good eaters.  They eat fresh salad or veggies with most meals every day.  Our response is ‘great, you have a head start!’ When they finish working with us however, they realise that there is SO much more to what they eat than previously thought!

Even my partner who is a highly trained doctor worked with our wonderful team…and the result….

“I wished I had learned this 20 years ago…it would have been so much easier”.

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE salad and think it is totally sexy, especially when it is ‘dressed up’. A heaping of greens and vegetables is low in energy whilst providing an abundance of vitamins and minerals with a side of fibre and anti-oxidants – what’s not to love?? So why is that not giving you the results you are after though?

Whilst everyone focuses on trying to decrease their ‘over eating’, we believe in focusing on your ‘UNDER eating’….of essential nutrients! It’s far more positive and easier to focus on what you need to eat more of, rather than what you need less of.

Having the right mix of veggies and salad is only the beginning. It is just as important that they are teamed with the right combination of proteins, essential fats and high fibre whole grains to provide the greatest benefit for your health, mind and energy levels. However, how much you exercise, whether you are chasing fat loss, muscle gain, sports and performance or chronic disease management, also raises the question “are you eating the right balance for YOU”?

Our BodyPlan approach focuses on exactly that – understanding what YOUR body needs.  Whilst sexy salad is certainly on the menu, we have some mean and tasty hints and tricks of what can be added to not only maximise the nutrients you need, but also on ensuring you are eating enough of the right food to fuel your body to be its’ best.

We have specialised testing to understand your metabolism and even on how to beat the plateau. We can breakdown your diet and tell you exactly what essential nutrients you’re meeting, what you need more of and where to get them.

If you want to learn more, why not work with our friendly Dietitian and Nutritionist Jacinta King. Rediscover the basics, understand your metabolism and get energised for Spring! Call us on 07 3624 2711 to book in now.